Shopping for Kitchenware on a Budget


Signing up for Amazon Prime was a major game changer when it came to stocking our newly renovated kitchen. In honor of Prime Day, I’m sharing our favorite picks!

Our relationship with Amazon Prime dates all the way back to our apartment-dwelling days, when we discovered that.. a) you can buy literally everything on Amazon… and also that, b) same-day delivery is not just the stuff of myths; it’s an actual thing (and it’s simultaneously the BEST and the WORST thing ever for a couple of impulse shoppers like us).

Soon Amazon Prime became our go-to spot for life’s necessities, both big and small… 50 lb bags of dog food, curling wands, suspenseful paperbacks, ballistic glass iPhone screen protectors, travel voltage converters, laundry detergent pods… you name it.

What we, as mere apartment dwellers, failed to realize was that Amazon Prime was actually so much more than just a way to stream low-budget found footage horror movies and impulse-buy mold-able occlusal guards… ACTUALLY, Amazon Prime was about to become the single BEST tool for outfitting our new kitchen.

Discovering the wonderland of home supplies and kitchenware stocked on Amazon was a total game changer. We had champagne dreams for our kitchen, and ordering from Prime helped us check every item off our wishlist while sticking well within our beer budget. In honor of Amazon’s Prime Day, I’m sharing a few of my favorite finds!

Note: this post is literally 100% affiliate links. You can find out more about affiliate links (and why I use ’em) here. Oh look, here’s one now: for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, click here!

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Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Our kitchen was practically begging for some shiny stainless steel cookware to replace the black non-stick pots and pants that had gotten us through our apartment years. This set fit the bill! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I got to unbox these and cook my first meal (chicken burritos), and it’s been true love ever since.

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Stainless Steel Knives & Block Set | Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

I never pictured myself as the kind of gal who would say “these knives complete me” but… these knives actually complete me. These chaps have a great hollow handle (the perfect balance between feeling substantial, but also feeling light in your hand). They’re also very sharp, which allows for crisp clean cuts that won’t give you carpal tunnel.

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Silverware Set

R and I haven’t hosted many dinner parties (yet), but of the few that we have hosted… I’ve noticed that our dinner guests are far more likely to compliment our silverware, than they are my cooking. That can only mean one of two things: either this silverware is just that remarkable… or my cooking is just that unremarkable. (Let’s hope it’s the first one…)

Untitled presentation (1)

Faucet | Garbage Disposal

Full disclosure: when R told me that he had found the “perfect” brushed nickel sink faucet for our Domsjo farmhouse sink on Amazon at a too-good-to-be-true priceI was a little bit apprehensive. When this faucet arrived, I was blown away.. and this experience is what made us true Amazon converts. (Check out how we installed it here).

Another great Amazon find? Our awesome garbage disposal! Not only does it smash food into smithereens with an impressive 1 horsepower motor, it does so at the approximate decibel of a kitten’s purr. Silent but deadly.

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Pressure Cooker | Tea Kettle | Hot & Cold Coffee Bar

The InstantPot Pressure Cooker was a serious game-changer when we were kitchen-less. This sucker wears many hats, functioning as a crockpot, pressure cooker, rice cooker, and (allegedly) a yogurt cooker. I prefer my yogurt to be of the pre-made variety (also: Greek, full of peanuty granola clusters, and drizzled with honey…), but we relied heavily on the other 3/4 of this cooker’s capabilities… and we still do! Whether I want soft shredded chicken in fifteen minutes, or corned beef simmering all day… this guy is my go-to. This is a #musthave kitchen gadget (also a #must? Getting R to turn the “pressure release” valve for me. I may love this thing to death, but I still haven’t built up the courage to do it myself!)

We picked up this tea kettle for R’s parents. I’m not one for tea, but I do start every morning off with a giant Yeti mug of iced coffee. As a reformed Starbucks addict, this Ninja Hot & Cold Coffee Bar has been a major source of early-morning salvation.


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