A New Place to Call Home

Surprise! I’m not an accidental suburbanite anymore. Now that the dust has settled and the boxes have been unpacked (most of them, anyways), I’m sharing a peek inside my new home!

I’ve never been quite sure what to call this area. Is it a living room? A den? A family room? A sitting room? (A sprawling room?) The place where I binge watch crime dramas in my sweatpants?!

Whatever you call it, decorating this space was my first priority when I moved in. Here’s a list of what you see above:

To give myself a couple of lighting / privacy options, I opted for these beautifully gauzy linen panels in two different shades and used a double curtain rod so I could layer.

TV cabinets are tricky. You’ll have no problem finding a big, bulky one, but it’s a bit more challenging to find a unit that compensates for all the space it takes up with extra storage possibilities.

That’s what I love about this guy. He’s big and bulky alright (and boy was he a pain in the ass to put together), but open up his doors and you’ll find the kind of storage space that inspired books about talking animals and magical wardrobes.

The gallery wall over the dining area is one of the first things people notice when they come to visit. (Well, the first thing they notice is probably that my home smells like Outback Steakhouse, they just have the decency not to mention that…)

It all came to be when I was gifted this set of art prints. It’s a boxed collection featuring 500 historically noteworthy designs printed on card stock – perfect for framing. Bonus: it has an article about the artist and the work printed on the backside of each print, so you can be adequately prepared to explain to your guests why there’s a glaring Russian woman hanging above your dinner table.

I plan on rotating the artwork occasionally so I get a chance to enjoy all of the prints in the collection.

All the good stuff is tucked away in my cabinets, but don’t worry – I’ll do a dedicated kitchen post soon 😉

I love hotel bedding. I love the cool, crisp feel on my skin. I love the “swish swish” feeling when I kick my legs around. I love how they’re brighter than white and borderline crunchy to the touch.

That’s the vibe I wanted to bring to my bed. So instead of settling on mediocre sheets, I decided to invest in a top notch set that would make every night feel luxurious. The bedding is still a work in progress, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

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Just a couple of kids turning a house into a home, one Pinterest fail at a time.
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