How to Make Your Bed Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

I’ve always been a sucker for hotel bedding. In fact, getting to dive into crispy white hotel sheets is one of my favorite things about traveling. And while that may sound a bit silly, I’m not alone: just type “hotel bedding at home” into a search engine!

I wanted to bring the 5-star luxury hotel look and feel to my bed linens. Keep reading to see how I made it happen!

Every project starts with a good foundation, and my hotel-inspired bed makeover was no exception!

I started by replacing my headboard with this platform bed. This is a beautiful bed for a phenomenal price – the only downside is that it never seems to be in stock!

I was on the “wait list” for a good month or so when it finally became available one weekday morning. The kicker: I didn’t even get a notification! The only reason I found out was because I had developed this habit of obsessively checking the status.

Moral of the story: don’t wait for a restock email. Take fate into your own hands and bookmark the product link so you can check back frequently!

A mattress topper doesn’t sound very sexy, but it can make a huge difference to the feel of your bed (especially if you’re getting close to mattress replacement time!)

This cooling topper adds a subtle softness to your mattress without adding bulk. It fits smooth and snug, so no bumps or lumps! Bonus: it’s under $50 and is machine washable!

The most important part of perfecting hotel at home bedding is the sheets! Up until now, my most expensive sheets came from Target and cost under $100. They were nice, but they weren’t exactly the “luxury” feel I was after.

When it came time to upgrade, there was no doubt in my mind what set I wanted to buy: Frette’s Hotel Collection.

Frette sheets aren’t just inspired by the hotel experience.. they’re actually used in luxury hotels all over the world! (That explains the $$$ price tag!)

Yes, Frette sheets are expensive. Yes, you’ll find yourself babying them. And no, you can’t really call something you sleep on an “investment.” But are Frette sheets worth it? 100%.

I got Frette’s matching duvet cover, which is made of the same heavenly cotton percale as my Hotel Collection sheets and has a wonderfully whispy feel that is lightweight yet substantial. The only drawback: no corner ties for you duvet. (However, I will say this about that: I’ve stripped my duvet multiple times and reinserted it, and have never had an issue with it staying in place!)

Speaking of the duvet.. I paired the Frette cover with this duvet from Brooklinen. I’m a hot sleeper, and the lightweight down is just right. I also applaud Brooklinen for creating a duvet that doesn’t lump (you’ve made a down convert out of this formerly diehard down alternative girl!)

And now for the finishing touches: in keeping with hotel simplicity. I wanted to keep my throw pillow game to a minimum. I went with two euro sized pillows with matelasse shams, then adding a matching coverlet folded at the foot of the bed. (Come winter, I plan to put this between the flat sheet and the duvet for extra cozy!)

And there you have it! The luxury hotel feel, all in the comfort of my own home!

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