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Hanging a Mini Gallery Wall for Family Photos

Gallery walls are a quick way to add color and life to a space, with a side order of style.

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Holy Hardwoods!

Staining our dated hardwood floors was our home’s one-way ticket out of the 90s.

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Painting our Doors Black

We learned the hard way that painting a door is the kinda thing you gotta do right the first time… (insert ‘you don’t get a second chance at a first impression’ metaphor here).

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Replacing Light Fixtures

Let there be light!

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Painting our Banister Black

Not only is painting banisters is an economical alternative to staining, it also just looks really freaking cool.

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Quick Fix: Painting, Painting, Painting

Full disclosure: I’m calling this a ‘Quick Fix,’ but there’s really no such thing as ‘quick’ when it comes to painting an entire house.

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