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How to Keep a Clean Home with Pets: house cleaning hacks every dog mom should know!

For most dog moms, keeping a clean house with pets is a challenge we’d begrudgingly file under “difficult but doable.” (…though if you’ve ever had to scrub doggy diarrhea out of carpet, “doable” probably feels like a generous choice of … Continue reading

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Removing a Pocket Door & Partition Wall

Alternative title: How NOT to Remove a Pocket Door & Partition Wall

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7 Ways to Save on a Kitchen Renovation

We towed the fine line between building the kitchen of our dreams and avoiding the price tag of our nightmares. Now I’m sharing seven ways we saved, and how we managed to stay right on budget.

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Painting our Deck Black

They thought we were crazy. We did it anyway.

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5 Cheap & Easy Upgrades That Will Make an Old Home Look & Feel New

Here are five ways we made our old house look and feel (a little bit more) like new construction.

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Before & After: Our White Kitchen Makeover

This kitchen is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, so here’s a million pictures of it.

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Replacing a Ceiling Fan with DIY Recessed Lights

Because drilling a bunch of holes in the ceiling isn’t terrifying at all, right?

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Our Subway Tile Backplash, Part Deux

After completing the tile wall behind our coffee / wine bar, it was time to move on to the main event: backsplashing the rest of our kitchen. (Spellcheck continues to remind me that “backsplashing” is not actually a word, but I’m … Continue reading

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Backsplashing Our Bar

We tiled for the first time ever and lived to tell the tale.

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Installing & Using our Dömsjo Sink

Alternate title: how I finally got my kitchen groove back.

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