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Installing Groutable Vinyl Tile

Our walk-in pantry game was strong. But the linoleum flooring? Not so much. We found an easy fix with groutable vinyl tile.

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Holy Hardwoods!

Staining our dated hardwood floors was our home’s one-way ticket out of the 90s.

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Let There Be Cabinets!

Well that escalated quickly…

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Shopping for Kitchen Appliances

Pro Tip: To ease the blow of hefty appliance price tags, try dividing the upfront cost of an appliance by its approximate lifetime. (Another Pro Tip: ease the blow even more by overestimating the approximate lifetime of appliances).

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Replacing Light Fixtures

Let there be light!

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Bye Bye Backsplash

If this backsplash was tough enough to survive outside of the 90s, we shoulda known he wasn’t going down without a fight.

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Shopping for Kitchen Cabinets

Once we decided that our entire kitchen was due for a makeover, we were in the market for new cabinets. An ambitious undertaking, indeed. 

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Accidental Kitchen Remodel: Tear Out

Let’s just replace the doors, we said. It’ll be cheap, we said.

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