Making Progress on our Master Bedroom


Our much-neglected master bedroom is finally getting the decor attention it so desperately needs!

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Our Crazy $100 Bathroom Makeover


With company on the way, we set out to temporarily transform our guest bathroom. Here’s how it all went down.. and how we did it for under $100!

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Guest Bath Vanity gets a Marble Makeover


Carrara marble taste, contact paper budget.. šŸ˜‰

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Decor DIY: Dried Flower Art


Whether you want to immortalize a bouquet from a meaningful occasion, or just pay homage toĀ Dead or Alive’sĀ NudeĀ album coverĀ (let’s be honest, for me it’s a little bit of both..) creating a dried flower shadow box display is a brilliant way to turn somethingĀ tragically temporaryĀ (i.e. flowers) into permanent decor.

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Spray Painting Our Tile Shower


We wanted a quick solution to spruce up our guest bathroom, and tide us over until we could fully renovate the space. First step? Spray painting the tile shower.

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5 Cheap & Easy Upgrades That Will Make an Old Home Look & Feel New

Here are five ways we made our old house look and feel (a little bit more) like new construction.

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DIY Furniture: Build a Nightstand out of 2x4s


I spent $40 on some 2x4s and wood stain, and I ended up with a groovy pair of nightstands.Ā Here’s how I did it…

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Before & After: Our White Kitchen Makeover


This kitchen is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, so here’s a million pictures of it.

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Replacing a Ceiling Fan with DIY Recessed Lights


Because drilling a bunch of holes in the ceiling isn’t terrifying at all, right?

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Decor DIY: Chalkboard Wall Panels


Use MDF to build removable chalkboard panels that giveĀ the look of a chalkboard wall, without damaging or painting your actual walls!

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