The Dreaded Disclosures Page

Full disclosure: this blog sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) uses affiliate / referral links.

If you’re not familiar, here’s the low-down: affiliate links enable a blogger to earn commission on sales that are driven by their blog.

That means that if you see something you like on Accidental Suburbanites and decide to purchase it using an affiliate link from one of my blog posts, the retailer shoots me a high five and says “we gotchu, boo” (then they throw a few coins into my Starbucks coffer).

I know what you’re thinking…


Affiliate links are all over the place these days, and there’s nothing more profoundly lame than an Instagram feed that just feels like a giant catalogue spread, or a blog full of posts that read like a sales pitches.

I don’t want that for Accidental Suburbanites (and frankly, with my potty mouth and extremely mediocre photography skills, I probably couldn’t pull it off anyways). So while I will dabble with affiliate links or sponsored content, I pinky promise that I’ll always let you know what’s what, and I’ll only feature stuff that I think is really really cool. 

p.s. if you do happen to see something you like on the blog, and use an affiliate link to make a purchase… thank you!

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to reach out!